28 May 2007

A history lesson...

Well, I thought I should post a few of my previous successes, then I'll give you an update on everything else.

The first success was finding this at a stall at some market out in East London. It's my beautiful Kenwood Chef, that's very similar to my mum's and I got some extra accessories with it too. I love this baby as it has made my baking life much easier. I just don't think the boy enjoyed carrying it home on the bus! The blender was a donation from my mum and I just had to buy a new whisk because I had a minor incident with the old one...oops.

The first major thing baked using the mixer was this gorgeous German style marble cake. The only problem was getting it out my tin! I definately learnt that Cake Release is a very useful thing!

This was the rerun at Christmas back home in Manchester. It turned out perfectly and I was super happy about it.

This was another Christmas bake, although I've made them a few other times. Melt in the mouth chocolate cookies! I love making them and eating them is even more fun!

Pancakes...I say no more!

My latest obsession is making cupcakes. Unfortunately, I haven't got a lot of photos of these but these are some of my more recent ones.

These were brownie cupcakes. Definately a hit with everyone who got to eat them!

And now onto the more recent things going on in my life. We're not moving anytime soon. We're too busy and it's not really financially viable either. We are going to buy a new bed, turn the music room into an office and make things better...well, according to the boy!

Wedding stuff is getting there, it's just slow. I need to talk to some people and discuss some serious stuff. I've definately thought about my flowers though and I've found some gorgeous calla lilies that are white with purple in the middle and I really hope I can get them in December. I'm thinking of having roses too.

Uni is nearly finished and I'm really stressed about it all. To destress, I have mainly been buying things in John Lewis to aide the baking! These are the first things to be baked in my new mini silicon mold.

These are Margarita cupcakes with a tequila and lime glaze. I'm not sure if I'm happy with though. I'll have to wait and let the boy sample them!