27 September 2007

Busy Bee

As the title says, I've been a very busy bee. I've just started my teacher training and it's lots of fun but a lot of work as well. My first secondary school placement is at Dulwich College so I should have a lot of fun. The wedding planning is going really well and I've only got a few little, but important things to do. One of them is getting the stuff posted to the registars up in Buxton. Annoyingly, I've also decided to go on a diet, which, even though is going well, kind of means baking is a bit silly. That hasn't stopped me entirely though as I had to wear my new, very adorable apron and test out my piping set. I should probably stop talking now and just post the interesting things; photos!

The new hair cut, which is now a bit longer but the same red brown.

The wedding invitations. I've also organised flowers, chosen witnesses, decided on the cake, the dress has arrived and I've got plans for the weekend of my fitting.

These are the larger cupcakes that I made this evening. They are yoghurt cupcakes with buttercream icing.

These are just smaller versions of the same thing.

There's so much to do in the house too. I need to get on top of the cleaning, although I do have a new toy to help with that:

The rearrangement of the bedroom and music room has worked well, although I think the music room may turn into a bedroom temporarily for our friend.

In bad news, our boiler has kind of broken so I can't get enough water for washing up, let alone having a shower and washing my hair. It's not great and I really hope we get it sorted soon.

Anyway...I've got to get one and do some work and moisturise my hands; I've done too much washing up!