24 November 2007

Cold Feet

Well, it's only a week and a half to the wedding! And I really do have cold feet....they're freezing! I should grab the socks I finally finished knitting! It does mean I don't feel guilty starting new things. The scarf is on hold until I can my extra ball of yarn from Get Knitted and I've finished my Mrs Beeton cuffs, just like I told myself I would. So I'm not sure what to knit next. Officially, my Ravelry queue is telling me it should be iPod/DS socks but I think I might start my fingerless gloves first. Until I do though, I've started some cross stitch as I got the best kit ever from Subversive Cross stitch! I also picked up her book so I'll be making witty cross stitch for the next eternity, in between knitting, of course!

In all seriousness though, I am very stressed. The wedding stuff is getting on top of me (Andy's uncle pulled out 3 days ago) and teaching is really hard. I've got loads of work to be doing for both uni, work and the wedding and I'm finding it really hard to concentrate. I really should see a professional but I don't even have the time. I'm only just managing to see the doctor on Monday like the health centre have asked me to. I've also got a concert on Monday with school in Croyden where we're singing Carmina Burana, which is kind of ironic as I once performed Satanic caberet to O Fortuna! But enough about that.

Anyway, as always, I shall post photos. I have become addicted to Flickr, all because of Ravelry. I've just upgraded to a pro account and have been organising all my stuff into sets and collections and such. I get a lot of pleasure from that, and the uploading is so much simpler than Deviantart. All my old modelling stuff will stay over there and not get put on Flickr but my new stuff from holidays, knitting adventures etc will be on Flickr. Which reminds me...honeymoon in Paris soon! Eep...I'll be a wife though! And have a husband!

The cross stitch in question. It's actually very easy and theaputic to do.

One of the best things I've knitted, in my opinion. I love them! And the colours look even better in real life.

We also just got one of these little beauties pretty cheap. It's sat in the bedroom for convenient drinks and works pretty well. They managed to mess up the order so my sample pack with loads of drinks and cups etc didn't show up but it should be getting sorted soon. It works well with my new Little Miss Naughty mug too! Although it seems that Andy has some issue with Mars made milk related drinks eg Galaxy hot chocolate, the Flavia chocolate drink and possibly the creamy topping stuff that we can use to make cappacino. He gets back stomachs after all of them so I think Mars must use something evil in there!

Now, to hope the postman comes soon with my parcels full of yarn. Yes, I am a very bad girl!

Oh, and in other news, Andy is buying a bike and will be using it to commute. Hopefully to a new job as his current one is turning him into a homicidal maniac. Thus he wants to teach me to ride a bike in Dulwich Park. This bothers me less than the idea of learning how to drive again. And that scares me!