10 November 2007

Miss Knitalot

Well, today I have mainly been spending too much money on pretty knitting things at the Stitch n Bitch show. I got yarn for various things, pretty stitch markers, a set of Knit Picks interchangable needles, some Brittany double point needles and the new Stitch n Bitch page a day calendar that I got signed by Debbie Stoller! I also met some really cool people and found the best book ever (along with How to Walk in High Heels). I must have a copy of The Art of Domesticity!

Anyway, I have also been very busy since my last update. The placement is going pretty well at school, although I've started teaching now and it's very scary! The boiler is working again and we also got the timer fixed which means the heating's working properly too. I've had my graduation at Imperial, which was pretty boring but at least it was in the Royal Albert Hall, which is a pretty nice venue. I've also been very busy with the wedding. I went back home and got my dress fitted (it's so heavy). It didn't need letting out so the diet must be working! I also got my bridesmaid her dress, had a practise hair appointment, made menu cards and centrepieces and also have ordered the cake and favours. There's only little small things to do, like work out what to do with my eye makeup, sort music and find wedding rings! I have spent way too much money on Benefit makeup recently though, but it's all for the wedding!

Photo time:

Blue stitch markers

Pink stitch markers


Me and the family at graduation (the last photo with us all together was probably my brother's graduation back in '99)

Myspace pose!

Bridesmaid's dress


Atomic said...

You are the cutest thing in the world.
I saw you on B's page and had to lurk. I hope you don't mind :)