23 December 2007

Christmas is coming...

Well, I've been a very busy woman recently, what with getting married, finishing uni (and school) for the term and getting ready for Christmas. In the past week, I've written up a literature review for uni, cleaned the house ready for the family Christmas and sold loads of merch at Andy's band's first gig. I'm not sure how I managed to clean on Friday after the that as my back was killing me from wearing my corset very tightly but the floors were hoovered and washed, a pile of the washing done and generally I feel the house is so much nicer. Not up to Anthea's standards but what do you expect when you have no time, live with 3 guys and the house tries to fight you constantly with dust, damp and moths. But it's not too bad and I'm pretty proud of my efforts. My parents are here now and we did all the shopping today, which didn't take as long as I expected. So tomorrow is all the wrapping (last minute shopping done on Amazon so I spent the last week worrying that it wouldn't all show up), food preparation (although we're doing buffet as I don't have a good enough table and chairs) and drinking, all for the big day. My plans for the day involve sitting around, eating too much (screw the diet), knitting and watching crap on TV.

There's now more photos up on my Flickr from the wedding as I've had the official ones now.