30 January 2008

Dyeing to meet you

There's a lot been going on recently in my life.

One of the things I have said I will do during my time off is make time for me and that, of course, includes knitting and related things. This is why I have spent this afternoon playing with Kool Aid and wool. I have learnt several things. Changin' Cherry, although called a blue drink on the packet, is green. Silly me decided this wasn't a good colour to go with my yarn and tried to mix in Cherry. This gave me grey. So now I have Kool Aid to drink too. I also learnt to treat hanks with greater care. I spent two hours untangling one so I could re-skein it.

Anyway...after playing, I came out with a red-pink variegated yarn which smells nice and is happily drying in my room. Here are some photos of the experience and what I used.

I re-skeined my yarn and let it soak in cold water for around 30mins.

I transfered it to 3 pans and poured Pink Lemonade on the middle and Cherry on one of the ends. I was going to leave the other end white but part way through heating, I changed my mind and made it Black Cherry. I scooped dye water over the middle bits (there are still a few white bits) and gently heated and 3 pans until the water was clear. Then I left to cool and rinsed out under warm water in the bath (water was clear but I just wanted to check). Now the wool is drying and will be re-skeined.


Stephanie N said...

Neat! Can't wait to see the knitted results!

M o r f ą i said...

Looks cool!!