19 January 2008

Sleepless Nights

Well, sleeping has become a rarity for me recently. I've just been so busy with lesson planning that I've had to stay up late and get on with it. I've just found it really hard to get used to again. The week's not been too bad teaching-wise, with some pretty ok lessons. Stuff has been far from perfect and my usual year 8 class have been very demanding but it's getting there. There's just some things I really need to work on, like clearer instructions and dealing with background chatter.

All this planning has caused my knitting to have to take a back seat most of the time. It's very annoying as I love knitting but I just haven't got the free time. I've done a little bit today...getting on with Andy's socks which aren't very far on as I couldn't make my mind up about the tension for half of Saturday.

I've had a nice week of parcels though. The memory I ordered for my Mac Mini turned up (although my keyboard has not been returned) so that's a little happier now. I also managed to buy the Tea's Me cups and saucers as John Lewis messed up and couldn't get them for our wedding list. And my SG SnB gift swap present turned up! I got some gorgeous yarn from Voxless that feels so soft and is in perfect colours for me. I'm a very happy bunny! That and my natural yarn for dying is here too so I can play when I have some time, which might be tomorrow or I might leave it for a little while. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more Kool Aid somehow, either by asking friends in the States or hoping my parents go soon.

Speaking of my parents, they're coming to visit this week, so hopefully they can help get stuff from Ikea that we need.

Anyway...another entry without photos...I shall have to do something about that next time!


partiallyblind said...

Hello lovely!

Drop me an email and let me know which flavors of Kool Aid you want and your address and I'll stick some in the post for you, pronto.

Joshua x

Atomic said...

oh man kool aid, i can totally send you some :)

The little packets?
Name your favorites and i will mail them up to you (lilkandystar .AT. gmail .DOT. com) send me your address