17 February 2008

Everybody's dead, Dave; everybody's dead.

Well, not quite. Lots of people in the Hat Attack are now dead, including me. I didn't expect a long run anyway and I really like the hat I was sent, although I should try and block it as I keep thinking it's going to fall off when I'm wearing it. Here's a photo of death:

I am the walking dead:

Anyway...apart from my untimely death, this week has been a lot of fun. Well, kind of. My essay was finished and handed in perfectly on time. The fact I finished writing it at 4am and woke up again at 7am and didn't go back to sleep was pure madness. Instead, I started work on Louise's wedding garter, which has been restarted since as I dropped a stitch and couldn't work out how to save it. It's not too bad a pattern, I just need to grab some ribbon, bias binding and elastic for when it's finished. Plus some spray starch. It'll be a while though as there's no way I can knit it on a bus; it's far too annoying.

I've bought too many things this week though. My ball winder turned up and I also grabbed beads for a few knitting projects and stitch markers. I've bought some more sock yarn (bamboo blend this time) and the most gorgeous coloured baby llama yarn I have ever seen.

I also grabbed some elastic for knitting into socks and some fabric for turning into a needle roll. As I was going to use this tutorial, I needed to buy some bias binding too and whilst I was down at Fabric 205, I remembered to pick up another ball of the Patons Hollywood in Kingfisher for doing cushion covers sometime. I'm waiting for more yarn I bought of someone on Ravelry, bid on some on ebay and bought cheap stuff with needles from Lidl. I told you I'd had a bad week for buying stuff. Anyway, yesterday, I decided to pull out the sewing machine and get this case made before I lost interest. So I drove Peanut made by keeping her out of the room really all day and sat down with the machine, iron, pins and everything else and got to work. Now, there's a reason I don't sew a lot. I cannot make anything straight, I always get flustered with the sewing machine and I never get things right. Yesterday actually wasn't too bad, although I really need to remember to never try and use the machine without having the instructions right beside me as I will need them for something! I also need to try and not stab myself so hard with pins; my skin is only so thick before I bleed. I only broke one needle when it managed to directly hit a pin, so that's not so bad. The finished article is huge and has loads of space for my needles. I really do like it.

Knitting fun tomorrow night. At least it's only 5 mins away so I have no excuse.

I was going to post all my knitting and science scouts badges but I'm too lazy. Check out my Flickr if you're interested!