29 April 2008

Long time no see

I am truly awful at updating this thing but I've been so busy with life.

Teaching just seems to be a billion times easier. I just love my second placement, even though it shouldn't be the easy one as it's a tougher school. I just feel like I fit in there and I am supported by other members of staff. I'm actually going to be sad to leave in 3 and a half weeks time. Yep, that's right, I've barely got any time left and that really bothers me. I've got to get these Q standards met in such a short time. Although I can have some extra placement time if necessary. The worst of the work is done though; the second 8000 word essay was handed in on Friday; I just have to hope that I've passed it.

I'm still on the look out for jobs. The new plan is to go back North now. There's so little keeping us in London, although I really will miss my knitting group. Yes, that's about all I will miss. Well, that and iKnit! I've actually just sent an application form to my old school. I'm not sure how I would feel being back there. It could be great or it could be really weird. I've just got to wait and see if I even get an interview.

On the domestic side of things, I've been pretty busy. The house is a bit of a state but I had a very productive Sunday, getting up early, planning lessons, cleaning the house, getting caught up on washing up and such. I've also been busy baking and making lots of bread. I love my new bread maker so much!

Anyway...I need to go and cook. The joys of Andy's "new" job!