23 May 2008

Little Blobs of Fat

Well, I've been very busy knitting recently. I've surprisingly had plenty of time as I've finished my teacher placement. We ended up with a half day today because of INSET and being half term too. It's weird being done and I cried a little when I said goodbye to people. The department was a lovely one and I'm going to miss the staff a lot. I have decided though that I don't want to go into teaching at the moment so I'm looking for chemistry jobs back up north. I want to be closer to my family and so does Andy. I've got a lot of thinking to do and see how my life pans out but I want to claim back my life and not take all my work home all the time.

Anyway...now onto my domestic achievements. I've nearly done my wedding thank you notes (yes, we're that bad) and I've done lots of fun knitting. I completed my Adipose and have started the Pomatomus socks.

My jumper has sleeves and is pretty long but I'm going to try and use up the yarn so that it's a long comfy lazy day jumper. I've also been having fun baking and cooking. The bread maker is lots of fun and I've stopped buying bread because of it. I need to put on another loaf though. I made some really nice lemon cupcakes and plan on doing something this afternoon too as my parents are coming down for the weekend and I feel like having something nice for them. That does mean I need to tidy too but that shouldn't take too long as the flat isn't too messy. Another thing the breadmaker does well is make dough and we made pizza's the other night. They were great! I made pizza sauce by mixing tomato puree with Italian herbs, olive oil and water and we tried to do stuffed crust but you need so much cheese in it! I do want to get some better yeast though as the stuff I'm using does sometimes make things taste a little yeasty.

I thought I'd treat myself for getting to the end of my placement and bought some Posh Yarn. It just arrived and it feels gorgeous!

I'm still loving the whole podcast thing and I've just got a better RSS reader so I'm reading a lot more blogs but I need recommendations for both. Let me know what you think I should be listening to or reading.

I also want to mention that Andy's band Pythia are supporting Ministry at The Forum on Tuesday! It's a pretty big deal but also a bit odd really but it should be fun and I shall be manning the merch table again.


Justine said...

Wow - that's a huge deal! Hope he has fun!

Now, my friend, I've tagged you for a meme... don't feel at all obliged...

girlzoot said...

Okay the adipose blob is completely awesome, is there anyway I could get you to send me a pattern by way of my blog or something?