09 June 2008

Lobster Arms

It's pretty refreshing not having to worry about uni. Instead I get to worry about moving house and finding a job. I've started the hell that is sorting out the random stuff in the bedroom and have already produced two huge bags of paper recycling. And that was only just the beginning of the vast piles of crap I have to sort out but hopefully it won't be too bad. Worst of all is trying to work out what boxes to buy for packing everything up.

Job seeking isn't going too bad, although it's not fun being signed on and having to write down all the crap you've done to look for a job. It's pretty annoying too as I'm officially still at uni for another couple of weeks.

In more interesting news, Andy's band Pythia shot their first music video on Saturday. It was fun as I got to sit there with the lead guitarist's girlfriend Lorna and knit. The knitting is going well and I am about half way through my second Pomatomus, nearly finished the jumper of uselessness (it is far too warm now) and have started a second adipose. I got quite a bit done on Saturday, although my arms do look like lobsters, or at least they did. They've eased off a lot now and I just keep finding bites instead! So, I thought I should share some photos:

The cast and crew (and hangers on)

Andy and Tim "rocking out"

I also baked French style macaroons, which came out ok but were a total faff! I haven't got any photos of them but I do have photos of the gorgeous oatmeal raisin cookies that I made that Andy has fallen in love with:

I'm also been buying more yarn but I do have an excuse. I needed to buy yarn for my Doctor Who jelly babies swap (hence the second adipose) and I decided to got for KraftyKoala as I'd been planning on buying some ever since I killed her during Hat Attack. So I grabbed a skein of Posy 4ply Merino/tencel and couldn't resist buying myself some in Waterlily as I've been planning on trying a tencel blend since Emma told me about it. So here are the lovely yarns, poorly photographed by me as I was trying to get the colours accurate.



So back to the slog of filling in applications and sorting out paperwork and stuff as I want to have a nice day of nothing tomorrow to celebrate my birthday, although the main celebrations are tonight at Bloomsbury Bowling with the knitting group and a few others!