15 July 2008

Engulfed in Yarn

Finally, I've got the time to sit down and post a decent update on my goings on and such forth. I should have been able to do it earlier but I've had way too many silly computer related issues but they seem to be fine.

For those of you who don't know, I've moved back to Manchester with Andy and we're now living with my parents. It's not an ideal situation but it's better than trying to rent somewhere when neither of us have jobs yet and the money we're saving can all go towards the huge house deposit fund. At least that still seems to be safe, and growing too. We've finally received some Jobseeker's money and signing on at Stockport was much more of a pleasant experience than Peckham. We were actually treated like humans and there's a few jobs around that might be helpful. We'll just have to see though. We're also going to get all of the deposit back from the flat shortly, which is a bit of a surprise but very much appreciated. The sooner I can sort everything out with that, the sooner I can forget about the last couple of years which I've really hated living there.

We're nicely settled in now and I've been able to get our room pretty reasonable, although it's pretty weird being my old bedroom and there's not really the best amount of space for 2 of us, plus all my yarn! It's good being back though as I get to be close to my family and get to use a much better kitchen now! After spending 3 hours sat around waiting at the Jobcentre yesterday, I thought it would be more fun to bake today so I've spent the whole time running around in my gorgeous 50s style apron. Lots has been baked and made - cookies, ice cream, cake!

But truly the best thing about moving has been getting to sort out my yarn. I've had such a feeling of freedom and relief recently, especially with ridding my room, life and such of all the waste and excess, it's been nice to organise the yarn even better. And realise that I may have bought a little too much in the sales! But I have plans for a lot of it, honest. John Lewis was kind to me and I grabbed some Kidsilk Haze, Noro Cash Iroha, Stella in a gorgeous teal, Pure Cotton for a cardigan for mum, 4ply Cotton for the Clover cardigan in Stitch n Bitch Nation, some sock yarn and also grabbed some yarn for the BBC adipose KAL. And then I bought yarn from the Foreign Strand closing sale which I will probably use for the Interweave KAL. I do seem to be at bursting point with yarn though and it's creeping across the room!

In other knitting news I frogged the Jaywalkers again! I started the gusset increases too late and the foot was going to be huge. I also decided that they seemed too loose. I just think I'll have to find another pattern for the Knitpicks Memories yarn now as I'm just not happy with Jaywalkers at all. I'll be casting on the seduction socks soon for the Interweave sockalong and I'm finishing up the lace garter I've been knitting for my friend Louise. I dread the blocking though as I can't even get round to doing the branching out scarf! I do seem to be losing knitting notions though. I've lost point protectors and my favourite row counter (I think I left it at the Plough a few weeks back) and it's pretty irritating. But I have got a new tape measure, thanks to my Doctor Who swap partner, who got me lots of fabulous things, including some beautiful dark brown alpaca! Unfortunately, it doesn't want to photograph too well at the moment but I assure you, I love it!

Anyway...off I should trundle to bed so that I can get up bright and early to search for jobs and sulk about being unemployed. At least I've found out that the local knitting group is still going on (it's called the Mad Knitter's Tea Party, how perfect) and I'm planning on finding a choir or something so I can start singing again. Plus houses are definitely cheap round here! I can actually afford something!