13 July 2008

Jobless Northern Bum

Well, I feel thoroughly demoralised after spending the last god knows how many hours filling in another Jobseeker's form, as we need to transfer and they still won't pay us any money. I also never heard back from my job interview the other week so I feel pretty annoyed about that. On the plus side, our room at my parents' house is actually looking ok and I have too much new yarn to stay sad forever.

I will return with a proper update including photos of lovely yarny goodness, UFOs and maybe even something a little tasty. Plus there will be an obligatory pussy shot and news of how Andy's gig went (Shepherd's Bush Empire, this time!).


Fiona said...

Hi, Laura
Just posting here 'cos my email is being doowappy. Yes, the knitting group is still meeting. We'll be there on Thursday this week from 7pm. I will do my best to be on time so that there will definitely be one of us there! We meet upstairs at Starbucks in Borders on the Peel Retail Estate.
Hope to see you then. If you can't make it this week, we'll be there the week after next.