26 July 2008

July Madness

Recently, I've been both busy and seemingly not done anything at all. Baking has been the primary occupation of the month, as well as knitting and job hunting. The hunt has been going well and I have an interview on Tuesday plus I've applied to some really cool jobs, including one involving explosives! Fingers crossed it'll all go well and I'll have a job soon enough.

I'm currently house sitting for my next door neighbours and looking after their dogs. It's pretty easy as the dogs are really sweet, although a lot bigger than I'm used to. They're running around outside at the moment.

Yesterday was Victoria sponge day, although I still need to take a photo.

Anyway....back to the job seeking and then knitting!


Katie said...

I just tagged you for a 6 quirky things meme if you want to do it. Details are on my blog.