01 July 2008


I am definitely having sock issues right now. Having knitted about 3/4 of my first Jaywalker, I realised there was no way I had enough yarn to finish it so it got frog. That was a sad moment last night at SE22 Knitters (which was already sad as it was my last night there). Now I've hit a bit of a confusion with it. I can't make my mind up if the original sock was going to be a little bit too bit and if I should use the size foot for the next size down. Or if I should try smaller needles. And that means either ordering more fixed circulars from Get Knitted or using DPNs again. If I do an order from Get Knitted, I have to buy yarn; the shipping is too high not to. And there's gorgeous stuff I could use for the Seduction Socks for the Interweave KAL. But I also shouldn't be spending money on yarn and I hate buying stuff on the 'net as it's too hit and miss with the colours. Gah!

I think I know what my plan is; CO jaywalkers using the toe up method with a short row toe. Probably continue in the larger size so that I know they will fit. Decide at some point whether I will do a short row heel or the gusset and heel flap like the original pattern calls for. Whilst doing this, look into dyeing some yarn for the seduction socks. I'm sure I can get the semi-solid teal I'm looking for. I also need to play with the pattern as I have a much bigger foot than the pattern is designed for. I think I will still do these cuff down and just try to not be so ambitious with the leg length this time! But I still want to do Jaywalker as cuff down as I really like the construction and was getting good with my picking up stitches! Gah!


Janet said...

Jaywalkers on my to-do list as well.
I'll be interested to see how the toe-up goes - I've only just learned how to cast on for it.

How are the job interviews going?