17 July 2008

Viral Knitting

I hate to say it but I think I have a knitting virus. The February Lady Sweater has found it's way into my queue, I have yarn to knit it with and I've even done a gauge swatch. Ok, so I'll be knitting it for my mum with yarn she bought in the sale but it's still there! Not that there's anything wrong with it and at least I'm not insisting on knitting it for myself, even though I wouldn't wear it.

I've also spent some time this morning thinking about what I will knit with all my yarn stash and what yarn to use with things in my Ravelry queue. I'm quite proud in the fact that I know what will happen to a reasonable amount of my yarn but there are still some things I'm not so sure what to do with. Like the 2 skeins of different colours of Manos Silk Blend. Or my Mirasol Miski baby llama. There's only so many hats, scarves and wristwarmers one person can need!

My sewing machine has also been pulled out of retirement. I say mine, but it was my grandma's and I remember the wonderful stuffed toys and dresses for my dolls that were made on it. I really don't use it enough or very well but I have just fixed 4 pairs of trousers so I feel pretty productive. Maybe, one day, I will get the courage to try and make something out of a real pattern!