29 August 2008

Dyeing in the Forest of the Dead

So yesterday, I decided to dye some yarn. I've had some bare laceweight for a while now which I bought off a fellow raveller who lives in Japan. It's an interesting blend of cashmere, alpaca and wool and I thought, why not? So I reskeined it into two lots and shoved it in a pan, covered it with cold water and vinegar and let it soak for 5 minutes. Then I heated the pan up until it was just about boiling and proceeded to add food colouring until I got what I was looking for.

Yarn in the pan

I added blue and green McCormicks colouring (the stuff in the conical squishy bottles) in the proportion 6:4 and mixed it around a lot. I added more dye at various points and moved my yarn to eliminate white patches. Then I let the dye exhaust, allowed it cool, washed and rinsed it.

Yarn drying

After it had dried, I reskeined.


I am super happy with the results and have named it Forest of the Dead from a Doctor Who episode. I love the variation of colour that I've obtained, although it is hard to see in the photos.

I think this shall get knitted into a shawl as I have about 690 yards of the stuff. It's come out pretty soft after the wash, although it still smells a little vinegary.


Alice said...

Oooo, purdy.

Congrats about the job again!

Stephanie N said...

That's a beautiful color!!!!

tiffibug said...

I think this is fantastic, brilliant really.