11 August 2008

Give Me A Job!

Well, I've had a pretty productive time recently. I've secured myself two more job interviews; one tomorrow and one on Wednesday. I even manage to tie in my final HPV vaccine trial appointment in on Wed as my interview is in the same hospital.

As I've said before, we spent last week house sitting for my sister in law and looking after her dog, Ralph. He's nearly 10 and was perfectly fine the whole time, apart from waking us up around 6am barking his little head off. And I even got a photo:

I had a pretty fun time knitting too, including a 4th adipose for my nephew, Josef. The only problem with that was that his little brother Blayke decided he wants one too so he's going to get my original one and I'll knit myself a new one out of the left over Rowan Pure Wool from the BBC project. Here is the little creature investigating his new room:

I've also finished Louise's wedding garter and it is now blocking on my mum's ironing board downstairs. I just need to buy elastic, ribbon and bias binding and put it all together. Mum's cardigan is coming along nicely and I've even got an Interweave Sockalong sock knitted, although I am in two minds about it.

And there has been more yarn buying! I grabbed some Fyberspates and Painted Tiger from ambermoggie, who also, very kindly, threw in some leftover sock yarn, including Wollmeise! Plus I wandered into a charity shop in Denton (mainly because it was for the hospice that Andy's mum stayed in) and found turquoise sock yarn! 90% wool and 14 25g balls of it for £3.50! I'm not sure what to do with it but I love the label. It reminds me of really, really old Lego design books!

I also found some cute old knitting patterns for 20p each from another charity shop but I haven't remembered to photograph them. Maybe some other time. They're for light summer sweaters and have some really cute stitch patterns and neck lines. Shame I can never get those 50's patterns though as they never have big enough sizes in and I'm still a bit unsure about rescaling!

One final thing I should mention is that I got a dress for Louise's wedding in the Tesco sale. It was only £12. The same day, Andy bought me my birthday present, a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver! Hehe! Anyway, back to the dress. I have an awful mirror photo but you get the idea. I think I'll wear it with the straps though and I'm thinking about knitting up some kind of shrug, if I have the time. My plan was to do Ysolda's Cloud Bolero in Manos Silk Blend. Hmmm...not so sure though! Anyway, here is the dress in question:

Well, wish me luck for the interviews and I shall report back soon!


Knit Nurse said...

Lovely dress! And what a bargain!!!

Good luck with the shrug - how long have you got? If you are pressed for time, something simpler than the Cloud Bolero would also go very well with the dress!