29 August 2008

Impending Doom

So, I have, again, been very busy. I've dyed some yarn, knitted plenty and slept too little. The job front is looking good, as I've sorted out some of my paperwork, booked an occupational health appointment and I know my 2 referees have done their part of things. It's still not definite but I'm a lot closer. The interview the other day that I went to was bad. And I didn't get offered the job. I decided to cancel going to the other one as it would have been very annoying to get there and I didn't fancy doing a presentation on how to write reports.

I have been having fun though. I have gotten over my sock doom and found a pattern that I actually like with my Knitpicks Memories yarn. After the jaywalkers incident, I didn't think I would use that yarn for ages. I have told myself that if I have to frog again though, I am going to trade that yarn! Here is the WIP:

I also did some sewing yesterday, including fixing a skirt for mum and finishing Louise's wedding garter. I'm not sure if I'm entirely happy with it but I hope she likes it.

I am happy that I found some buttons for mum's Lady Sweater in John Lewis. Now I just have to get the second sleeve finished and decide if it needs blocking desperately!

I'm also happy with some recent purchases. I found a copy of the Fawlty Tower's scripts for 50p and I have bought the most comfortable shoes for work too:

Perfect for showing off socks!

With all of the good news, you may be wondering what the impending doom is. Well, it's all related to this:

Actually, it's not so bad. Andy and I are going walking for his birthday (that does mean I miss iKnit day). We're staying in his dad's caravan as we can't be bothered to lug the tent around and it's in storage too. Hopefully, we'll have a lot of fun.

Anyway...time to leave you with another picture of Peanut being daft:


Katie said...

I just queued that sock pattern after I saw your sock in my friends activity. The actually pattern photo is so dar that I had no idea it looked like that!