19 August 2008


I'm having a pretty good day today. In fact, an excellent one. Firstly, my Ravelry goodies I ordered the other day arrived. I now have a great bright pink T-shirt, some badges and a wonderful Bob sticker!

It's also mum's birthday so we shall be going out for yummy curry dinner, which makes me happy. Unfortunately, I haven't finished her Lady Sweater but it's going well. When I was out for an interview last week, I grabbed her some Lush stuff and chocolates to make up for not having it finished. I also bought new shoes:

With my pomatomus socks!

They were only £10 and I was paid £20 for the vaccine trial visit so I reckoned I could justify it. Unlike this corset:

I thing I need a job before I can justify that...and I was offered one earlier!!! The job at the hospital I was interviewed for last week phoned me today and offered it to me. I was so surprised as I thought I'd total messed up the interview but obviously not. Unfortunately, I don't start until 29th September and they are still waiting on my references but hopefully that will all be cleared up soon. I just need to find something to keep myself busy for the next month. I should probably look for some volunteer work so I don't get bored. I do have another 2 interviews lined up too and I'm not sure what to do about them really. One is for a job working with explosive atmospheres but it's in Buxton and I really don't want to move there and the other is at Manchester uni. I'm not really bothered about either job, especially as I've been offered this one (pancreatic medical technical officer) but should I still go to the interviews as my job's not secure until they have my references and I pass my medical? Hmmm...what to do.

Anyway...I shall leave you with a photo of the cat. Peanut's being her usual self and is sat on my feet currently!


Nirbhao said...

go to your interviews. if nothing else, it is good experience.

Knit Nurse said...

A job 'working with explosive atmospheres"? Gosh, sounds like our office! I think nirbhao is right though, you shouldn't discount the other interviews - you might be pleasantly surprised and anyway it's good practice!