16 September 2008


I shall be out of reach for the next day or two as the Hat Attack pattern is released later and I shall be out helping my parents' at a seminar they organise. I shall be spending much of the day sat in the corner knitting like mad to kill my target. Unfortunately, they are in America so I shall have to get cracking and get it in the post on Thursday hopefully. I have no idea who is killing me though. Or will be trying to, anyway! I really hope I can stay in this longer than last time but I doubt it will happen.

Currently, I am knitting designing a scarf for my Grandma and will be working on another one for my Aunt too. They're going to be in very nice 4ply alpaca. Hopefully my new Harmony guides will come in handy. There's a lot of stitches I want to try out! I'm thinking of submitting to some online magazines but I'm now torn between which ones to try. I would try The Inside Loop but their next issue is a children's one. I'm thinking of trying Knitty, Knotions or Knit on the Net but I can't make my mind up. I will be looking for a photographer if I choose to submit to either of the 1st two though! Anyone got any advice?

My other task, mainly for today (as I've left it until last minute) is to practice for my choir audition. Yes, I've decided I should start singing again as it's been a long time since I did choir stuff, apart from the little bit with Dulwich College, and I miss it. So I found myself a choir (in which two of my former maths teachers also sing) and I have an audition tonight. It wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't have to sight sing too! And I'm pretty ropey and basically had 3 songs to choose from. I've decided to sing Red, Red, Rose which is a setting of a Robert Burns poem. I've had the music for AGES but never put it to any use so I thought I should give it a go. If I don't get in, I should hopefully go on the reserve list and at least get to sing at Christmas as they do concerts that they need more singers for.

I'm basically starting to fill up my time for when I've started work. I've not decided on a knitting group, although there is one that meets on the way home one night. The choir is very convenient for me and I'm also becoming a platelet donor instead of a standard blood one and that centre for that is right near work too. The only problem is that I won't be able to knit whilst donating! But it'll give me a good time to read or learn my choir music! On the job front, I am now just waiting for Occ health to give me the all clear and then I will get a start date!

Anyway...off I go, stalking my target, waiting to find out who my assassin is!