25 September 2008


Spurred on by a few other people, I am going to post about the brilliant world of medical donation. Nat over at the Yarn Yard made a point that to her, donation was just another part of her life's routine and that's how I feel. Or at least want to feel. I started donating blood just after my 17th birthday but have been very sporadic since then due to being at uni (I ended up on two donation databases as they weren't linked) and other various reasons but I plan on changing that. Ever since I can remember, my dad has been a blood donor. Then he became an apheresis donor and goes about once a month to donate platelets. He's got all the gifts for donating loads and all the staff at the donor centre know me by proxy. So last time he went, I donated blood and asked to be tested to see if I could become a platelets donor too. I've had the all clear (I have a very good platelet count) and I would have been there as soon as I could, if it hadn't been for my low iron levels! But next month, I will make an appointment and start going as often as possible, which is about every 2 weeks if you have a good count. It's super convenient for me as the donor suite is just down the road from where I will be working (don't get me started on why I'm not starting on Monday at the moment).

Not only am I a blood donor but I'm also on a bone marrow donor list and have signed up for organ donation. I just find it so important to do something good for other people when I can. My mum needed a blood transfusion when she was in hospital a few years ago and I know that I am forever grateful that there was enough blood for her.

So why am I posting this? To try and persuade even one person to give donation a go. Go to www.blood.co.uk and find your nearest session. Or sign up for organ donation. You can put it on your driver's liscene and even have it added to your Boots Advantage card! Or think about signing up to one of the bone marrow lists. I'm registered with the Anthony Nolan Trust but you can also sign up with the Blood Donor Service. These are all UK based organisations but there will be others across the world looking for your help. So do something special today; save a life.


elle-knitwear said...

I'm on the organ donar register, but I can't give blood coz I'm underweight :( I would love to, if I could gain a few pounds! Although I'd probably then be told my iron was low coz I'm vegan. Lol. Well done for all that you do and the same for your dad <3

xxx Miss Elle xxx