19 September 2008

SoSeSaSwa Questionnaire

Mainly for my swap partner, but other people might be interested!

1. What are your favourite colours and fibres?
Purple, teal, black, pink, red
Fibre-wise, I'll give anything a go but I don't really like mohair!

2. Anything that makes your toes curl? (Fibre, colour, other)
Apart from mohair, I don't really like orange, bright green or yellow

3. Would you describe yourself as a beginner, intermediate or advanced knitter?
Intermediate but I love a challenge!

4. Do you have an online wishlist? (Amazon or other)
I have a very organised collection of wishlists over at Amazon. This is my knitting one

5. Any new techniques you'd like to learn?
Nothing in particular but I think I should try more colourwork

6. What is your favourite:

Snack? - chocolate
Book? - ahh, tough one! Torn between anything by Sarah Waters, anything by Joanne Harris, the Harry Potter series and The Looking Glass Wars trilogy!
Movie? - Pirates of the Caribbean
Music? - I have an eclectic taste in music from cheesy pop to heavy metal! Currently, I love film and TV soundtracks though

7. What are your favourite items to knit?
Things that stretch my knitting skills and instant gratification stuff such as socks, wristwarmers etc.

8. Any patterns that are top of your queue?
My queue is pretty fluid and I knit what takes my fancy!

9. Do you have any other hobbies?
Singing, ten-pin bowling, reading, baking

10. Tell us about yourself. When did you first pick up your needles? Who/what encouraged you to start knitting? How would you describe your knitting style? Are you a process knitter or a product knitter, etc.
I first picked up some needles when I was a little kid, trying to be persuaded to knit by various relatives as my paternal grandmother and my mother both knit a lot and several other people could knit. I never really got that far though and tossed the needles into a box and proceeded to make French knitted chains and do tapestry instead for a long time. Not long before my 21st birthday, I decided to pick up the needles again and try and teach myself. I was inspired by seeing a pair of handknitted knee high socks on the cover of some book and thought that I'd love to make them (I still haven't!). Armed with those old children's needles, a Hobbycraft leaflet and leftover scraps of acrylic yarn, I knitted an iPod case. And I haven't looked back since! Ravelry has really helped keeping me going and I love learning new things and trying something different. I definitely think I'm a process knitter as I really care about the techniques I'm using and the construction. I'm desperate for a good book on sock techniques with different heels, toes, etc! I've just begun designing stuff myself, starting with some lace scarves that I hope to submit to some online magazines. My Grandma is bizarrely unimpressed with my knitting, mainly because I knit "weird". I knit continental style and was knitting toe up socks and see was very confused. Hopefully she'll like her Christmas present though!


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