08 September 2008

Up a Waterfall and Over the Moors

So, I've been away for the weekend. It was Andy's birthday and he decided he wanted to go walking (keeping me away from the yarn hordes at iKnit day). So we went to Edale. We planned a couple of walks for Saturday and Sunday and Andy's dad offered us the use of his caravan overnight. We set off on the train, along the very nice Hope Valley line. I knitted, of course. My socks are coming on ok (although the heel was frogged twice and still isn't really right). I think they may end up belonging to someone else as the fit seems odd on my feet. My own fault for trying to do something different with the short rows.

Anyway...we arrived in Edale and popped along to the information centre. I'm bloody glad we did as they have a very impressive water feature roof:

After that, we got started and plodded along to Grindsbrook, walking amongst the heathers and admiring the view:

And then we ended up climbing up the waterfall. It seems that it's been pretty wet recently and there was more water around than usual. It was fun, in a slightly unnerving way but we got to the top, eventually:

Once up there, we got to walk along the moor and get muddy. There were a few sheep and lots of rocks. And we got a little off the track but we eventually found our way and then ended up on the dullest part of the walk, the Pennine Way. I'm sure plenty of people like this footpath and there must be some interesting parts of it but we got rather bored. It didn't take it too long to finish off the walk though along here:

We got back about 6.45 and proceeded to go for the pub for a decent drink as we hadn't really taken enough water with us. And then back to the caravan to attempt to cook a nice meal for Andy. It took a while but I managed. And then sleep. Lots of it. We were far too tired to manage another walk on the Sunday so we cooked breakfast, had a little wander around, cleared up and then got the train home. We were back by lunch. It was a little disappointing but we definitely stretched ourselves and will be doing it again sometime.

And so it's the start of another week of waiting until I start work. I have my medical tomorrow and hopefully it'll not be long until I hear officially about the job. I'm actually a little bored now. Andy started his new job today. 12-8 in Trafford Park for 3 months isn't the greatest thing but it could be worse.