26 October 2008

Checking In...

...mainly to say that I'm still alive. I've been at work for 2 weeks now and really like it, although I wish I could get more stuck in! I've also found out an old school friend works at the hospital but I keep missing her! We've got a mortgage offer so we're just trying to get all the legal stuff done with the house...and keeping our fingers crossed that nothing will go wrong. I'm being pretty monogamous with my knitting right now as I just have the Bacchus socks on my needles. I still need to block the scarf for my Grandma and get my aunt's designed! In fact, I think I may have another look at it once I've finished writing this update! Not that there's much more to say. I've been picking out furniture for the house and thinking about what I want things to look like but I've also been pretty busy with work and wishing that Peanut hadn't decided that it was fun to wake me up at some silly time in the morning! It's making me a very sleepy person indeed!


cherie... said...

lol..i'm being the opposite and very poly with my crochet projects...but at least i seem to have finished up all the various creepy halloweem bits and bobs.

now i need to start on some sushi to use as xmas tree decorations!

big hugs x