19 October 2008

SoSeSaSwa Sock Survey

What's your favourite sock you have knitted? - I've not knitted a lot of socks so it's hard to choose! I think my Pomatomus are slightly ahead though
Fav sock designer/pattern? - I have too many favourites! I like Cookie A's, love Erqsome's (I must get knitting one of them sometime) and like a lot of stuff by people who design a lot for IW
Toe up or cuff down? - depends on the sock. I like toe up for getting the most out of the ball of yarn but I prefer heel flaps on cuff down.
Dpns? Magic loop? Two circs? - magic loop. I get ladders with dpns and I've never tried two circs
First sock? - pink socks in DK yarn using the Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula
Most difficult sock? - I don't really have one but I have a most difficult yarn! I have some Knit Picks Memories that has been knitted 3 times now. First was the standard Jaywalkers but I ran out of yarn. I frogged and tried the toe up version but messed up starting my gusset decreases so the foot was too long. Frogged again. Then I tried Leyburn socks but these fit funny and I reknit the heel about 3 times. I think I may try Monkey's with the yarn next! Bizarrely, I have realised that Artesano Hummingbird comes in the exact same colourway.