26 November 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

...or so they say.

I'm sorry I've been gone, those few people who take the time to read this blog. I've just been busy with the real world and knitting too much. And I'm annoyed with how appalling my photos are coming out at the moment. I may have to play around with the camera properly again sometime.

I've got a reasonable amount to talk about so firstly, I shall post photos.

On here, you will see some of my current knitting and recent FOs. There's the scarves that I will post patterns for once I can get decent, blocked photos of them. There's also a pair of Mrs Beeton's that I've made for my mum. And Andy's Christmas present that refuses to photograph well without natural light, due to the dark brown natural alpaca colour. Their Beer Gloves from Son of a Stitch n Bitch. The first picture is of the card suit illusion scarf I'm knitting for my friend and there's also my finished Bacchus socks. I have done some other knitting too...there's my 5th adipose and stuff for my SoSeSaSoSw partner (you can see the finished parcel there too). Plus I had to post gratuitous pussy and a photo of the park at sunrise that I took on my way to work.

On the note of work, I am still really enjoying it. I'm getting into it a lot and get on well with my work colleagues.

House things are not going as well though, as there are problems on his end that I really don't want to vent right now. We're looking around for another house. But enough about that.

I did get mentioned on Lime and Violet though! And that makes it all better!

I am being good with the yarn though...I have swap packages to wait for and the 1st Socktopus club shipping too.


erqsome said...

When did you get a mention on Lime and Violet?! Tell, tell!

(PS, glad you're back!)

rubbishknitter said...

Nice. Loving the bacchus socks and the card trick illusion scarf...