09 November 2008


Yeah, I spoke too soon. I was being very monogamous with the knitting but, as you can see on my progress bars, I have way too many things on the go at once. Although it isn't as bad as it looks really. The lace scarf is done and still needs blocking. The Bacchus socks just need casting off (and then I will post photos) and I've not actually started on of the things but I need to add it the projects to make sure I get on with it soon!

News is still slow on the house; the mortgage people messed up and didn't amend it so we're waiting again.

Work is still good.

And I'm growing out my fringe. I'm not sure this is a good idea or not.

My SoSeSaSoSw parcel is going ok, although I am having a bit of a mental block as it what else to add.

I'm going to get those socks cast off soon.

I want to sleep though as I have a horrible stomach ache.