13 December 2008


As promised, I'm giving you an update on my nice my trip to Barcelona was. Even though it's 7am on a Saturday morning, still pitch black outside and I feel very ill. And I've got a pinup photoshoot later. And shredded heels. It's not really going very well fo me so far. I will also apologise for any missing 'r's but the key on the keyboard is jammed and not working properly.

Anyway....I had a lovely time, despite the very early start on Friday morning. We were staying pretty central and also used the metro system so it was easy for us to get around. The city is beautiful and I recommend it to everyone. The buildings are gorgeous and the streets are so narrow and pretty.

I even managed to smuggle knitting onto the plane and got a reasonable amount done:

Monkeys, of course

Oh, and I bought yarn. And needles. From a lovely shop called All You Knit Is Love, run by a wonderful American woman and her partner.

It was so nice to be whisked away, especially to somewhere where I could walk around with no coat on during the day!