30 January 2008

Dyeing to meet you

There's a lot been going on recently in my life.

One of the things I have said I will do during my time off is make time for me and that, of course, includes knitting and related things. This is why I have spent this afternoon playing with Kool Aid and wool. I have learnt several things. Changin' Cherry, although called a blue drink on the packet, is green. Silly me decided this wasn't a good colour to go with my yarn and tried to mix in Cherry. This gave me grey. So now I have Kool Aid to drink too. I also learnt to treat hanks with greater care. I spent two hours untangling one so I could re-skein it.

Anyway...after playing, I came out with a red-pink variegated yarn which smells nice and is happily drying in my room. Here are some photos of the experience and what I used.

I re-skeined my yarn and let it soak in cold water for around 30mins.

I transfered it to 3 pans and poured Pink Lemonade on the middle and Cherry on one of the ends. I was going to leave the other end white but part way through heating, I changed my mind and made it Black Cherry. I scooped dye water over the middle bits (there are still a few white bits) and gently heated and 3 pans until the water was clear. Then I left to cool and rinsed out under warm water in the bath (water was clear but I just wanted to check). Now the wool is drying and will be re-skeined.

19 January 2008

Sleepless Nights

Well, sleeping has become a rarity for me recently. I've just been so busy with lesson planning that I've had to stay up late and get on with it. I've just found it really hard to get used to again. The week's not been too bad teaching-wise, with some pretty ok lessons. Stuff has been far from perfect and my usual year 8 class have been very demanding but it's getting there. There's just some things I really need to work on, like clearer instructions and dealing with background chatter.

All this planning has caused my knitting to have to take a back seat most of the time. It's very annoying as I love knitting but I just haven't got the free time. I've done a little bit today...getting on with Andy's socks which aren't very far on as I couldn't make my mind up about the tension for half of Saturday.

I've had a nice week of parcels though. The memory I ordered for my Mac Mini turned up (although my keyboard has not been returned) so that's a little happier now. I also managed to buy the Tea's Me cups and saucers as John Lewis messed up and couldn't get them for our wedding list. And my SG SnB gift swap present turned up! I got some gorgeous yarn from Voxless that feels so soft and is in perfect colours for me. I'm a very happy bunny! That and my natural yarn for dying is here too so I can play when I have some time, which might be tomorrow or I might leave it for a little while. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more Kool Aid somehow, either by asking friends in the States or hoping my parents go soon.

Speaking of my parents, they're coming to visit this week, so hopefully they can help get stuff from Ikea that we need.

Anyway...another entry without photos...I shall have to do something about that next time!

12 January 2008

That Exhausted Feeling

I am truly knackered. I am utterly crap at doing work at sensible times and thus end up planning lessons until 3am and then feeling crap for the rest of the week. It's insane how one day back at school can leave me feeling so tired. Yep, I'm back and have taught my first lesson of my SSA (icky assignment). It actually went pretty well and the teacher seemed pretty pleased with it, apart from when I lost it a bit at the end. I could have been a lot worse though and the boys were actually quiet and seemed to be paying attention (possible because some of the annoying ones weren't in!). I now just have to plan my lessons for Tuesday, my now 6 period day (there's only 8 in total). Not the best way to start the week but it could be worse.

The knitting was going really well. I got Andy's new hat finished really quickly (one annoying mistake but if I'm really honest, you can't see it unless you're looking) and I've done my iPod sock and a new pair of wristlets. I love the wristlets, although they are a little tight. And I even have plans for tons of my stash but I've come to a bit of a mental block. I started a new bag and I already hate it so it's going into hibernation. I'm going to work on very simple socks for Andy as he bought himself some stuff in the sale that he wants knitting up so it should help me get over the knitting block, hopefully.

I also visited a new shop (well, new for me). All the Fun of the Fair (just off Carnaby Street) is so nice! It's pretty, cozy and the girl who was working in there was so friendly. I did, however, buy more yarn! Bad me but it was really cheap. A huge ball of Opal for £2 and some cute stuff by Patons I'd never seen that has a nice shine to it but isn't totally synthetic. I was very impressed. I will be visiting again but not too soon as I just have too much yarn!

I've also bought some yarn off a lovely girl on Ravelry that I'll be able to dye. I'm off downstairs in a little bit to see what Koolaid I have so I can either order more or plan on what to do when it arrives.

I'm unfortunately still waiting (very impatiently) for my SG gift swap to arrive. I like surprises too much! I should be getting the free form piece soon enough though and that will make me happy. It's nice to know I can still get involved with SG stuff, even though I'm not a member anymore. And now I'm more than annoyed that the prices have gone up since they introduced country specific payment stuff.

Anyway...I can't be bothered to post photos right now; I've got too much to do like eating, checking supplies and trying to decide whether I can be bothered to get new sock needles. I may just end up spending money at Get Knitted on more Knit Picks.

Oh, I did forget to mention that the SLC finally pulled there finger out so I have much more money for knitting!