26 March 2008


Eeep...I've been awful updating this thing but I've been so busy. School, family, knitting...it's all go at the moment! It's really weird that I've actually had the time to knit plus teach pretty much all my timetable. It seems so much easier than before, even though the school is definitely very different and the pupils are a lot tougher to work with but the staff are so much more supportive and I really like the challenge. My love/hate class is definitely my year 9s. They really don't like my teaching. I'm too dull, boring and quiet. So I'm seeing that as a challenge and mixing it up as much as possible. Today's lesson was such an improvement and made me feel really good about teaching again. There's still a huge amount of work to do and I'm panicking slightly about my essay that's due in after Easter and my portfolio that proves I've met all of the Q standards but I know it will work itself out. My 1st essay gained me a 1/6 of a masters degree so at least I must have done something right! I'm also a little nervous about a possible job interview. My application was sent off yesterday and now I have to wait and see if they shortlist me. I would love to stay at my placement school but I need to move out of London and to somewhere that has the balance of a supportive department and good senior management.

I had a nice Easter weekend spent with my family. I think Monopoly will become a ritual thing when we have a meet up with all 5 of us. Dad won this time, after my impressive victory at Christmas. I got loads of sock knitting done (although with plenty mistakes) and have now finished my gorgeous express socks.

I have plans for plenty more things at the moment, especially as I purchased lots of pretty yarn (or plan to) from the new iKnit store! I must try and get over there again soon!

Anyway...I must get on and plan a year 12 lesson, although I doubt the lesson is happening as I think there's only 2 pupils in class tomorrow coz of some UCAS thing. At least they're not all out with measles like plenty of the school. Thank god I had my MMR jabs; I do not need to be off school for 2 weeks, I've been ill enough!

I leave you with a photo of Miss Peanut...and the news that I have cracked my tooth! Grrrr! I would post about Andy's Northern pie but I have been sworn to secrecy!