29 August 2008

Impending Doom

So, I have, again, been very busy. I've dyed some yarn, knitted plenty and slept too little. The job front is looking good, as I've sorted out some of my paperwork, booked an occupational health appointment and I know my 2 referees have done their part of things. It's still not definite but I'm a lot closer. The interview the other day that I went to was bad. And I didn't get offered the job. I decided to cancel going to the other one as it would have been very annoying to get there and I didn't fancy doing a presentation on how to write reports.

I have been having fun though. I have gotten over my sock doom and found a pattern that I actually like with my Knitpicks Memories yarn. After the jaywalkers incident, I didn't think I would use that yarn for ages. I have told myself that if I have to frog again though, I am going to trade that yarn! Here is the WIP:

I also did some sewing yesterday, including fixing a skirt for mum and finishing Louise's wedding garter. I'm not sure if I'm entirely happy with it but I hope she likes it.

I am happy that I found some buttons for mum's Lady Sweater in John Lewis. Now I just have to get the second sleeve finished and decide if it needs blocking desperately!

I'm also happy with some recent purchases. I found a copy of the Fawlty Tower's scripts for 50p and I have bought the most comfortable shoes for work too:

Perfect for showing off socks!

With all of the good news, you may be wondering what the impending doom is. Well, it's all related to this:

Actually, it's not so bad. Andy and I are going walking for his birthday (that does mean I miss iKnit day). We're staying in his dad's caravan as we can't be bothered to lug the tent around and it's in storage too. Hopefully, we'll have a lot of fun.

Anyway...time to leave you with another picture of Peanut being daft:

Dyeing in the Forest of the Dead

So yesterday, I decided to dye some yarn. I've had some bare laceweight for a while now which I bought off a fellow raveller who lives in Japan. It's an interesting blend of cashmere, alpaca and wool and I thought, why not? So I reskeined it into two lots and shoved it in a pan, covered it with cold water and vinegar and let it soak for 5 minutes. Then I heated the pan up until it was just about boiling and proceeded to add food colouring until I got what I was looking for.

Yarn in the pan

I added blue and green McCormicks colouring (the stuff in the conical squishy bottles) in the proportion 6:4 and mixed it around a lot. I added more dye at various points and moved my yarn to eliminate white patches. Then I let the dye exhaust, allowed it cool, washed and rinsed it.

Yarn drying

After it had dried, I reskeined.


I am super happy with the results and have named it Forest of the Dead from a Doctor Who episode. I love the variation of colour that I've obtained, although it is hard to see in the photos.

I think this shall get knitted into a shawl as I have about 690 yards of the stuff. It's come out pretty soft after the wash, although it still smells a little vinegary.

19 August 2008


I'm having a pretty good day today. In fact, an excellent one. Firstly, my Ravelry goodies I ordered the other day arrived. I now have a great bright pink T-shirt, some badges and a wonderful Bob sticker!

It's also mum's birthday so we shall be going out for yummy curry dinner, which makes me happy. Unfortunately, I haven't finished her Lady Sweater but it's going well. When I was out for an interview last week, I grabbed her some Lush stuff and chocolates to make up for not having it finished. I also bought new shoes:

With my pomatomus socks!

They were only £10 and I was paid £20 for the vaccine trial visit so I reckoned I could justify it. Unlike this corset:

I thing I need a job before I can justify that...and I was offered one earlier!!! The job at the hospital I was interviewed for last week phoned me today and offered it to me. I was so surprised as I thought I'd total messed up the interview but obviously not. Unfortunately, I don't start until 29th September and they are still waiting on my references but hopefully that will all be cleared up soon. I just need to find something to keep myself busy for the next month. I should probably look for some volunteer work so I don't get bored. I do have another 2 interviews lined up too and I'm not sure what to do about them really. One is for a job working with explosive atmospheres but it's in Buxton and I really don't want to move there and the other is at Manchester uni. I'm not really bothered about either job, especially as I've been offered this one (pancreatic medical technical officer) but should I still go to the interviews as my job's not secure until they have my references and I pass my medical? Hmmm...what to do.

Anyway...I shall leave you with a photo of the cat. Peanut's being her usual self and is sat on my feet currently!

11 August 2008

Give Me A Job!

Well, I've had a pretty productive time recently. I've secured myself two more job interviews; one tomorrow and one on Wednesday. I even manage to tie in my final HPV vaccine trial appointment in on Wed as my interview is in the same hospital.

As I've said before, we spent last week house sitting for my sister in law and looking after her dog, Ralph. He's nearly 10 and was perfectly fine the whole time, apart from waking us up around 6am barking his little head off. And I even got a photo:

I had a pretty fun time knitting too, including a 4th adipose for my nephew, Josef. The only problem with that was that his little brother Blayke decided he wants one too so he's going to get my original one and I'll knit myself a new one out of the left over Rowan Pure Wool from the BBC project. Here is the little creature investigating his new room:

I've also finished Louise's wedding garter and it is now blocking on my mum's ironing board downstairs. I just need to buy elastic, ribbon and bias binding and put it all together. Mum's cardigan is coming along nicely and I've even got an Interweave Sockalong sock knitted, although I am in two minds about it.

And there has been more yarn buying! I grabbed some Fyberspates and Painted Tiger from ambermoggie, who also, very kindly, threw in some leftover sock yarn, including Wollmeise! Plus I wandered into a charity shop in Denton (mainly because it was for the hospice that Andy's mum stayed in) and found turquoise sock yarn! 90% wool and 14 25g balls of it for £3.50! I'm not sure what to do with it but I love the label. It reminds me of really, really old Lego design books!

I also found some cute old knitting patterns for 20p each from another charity shop but I haven't remembered to photograph them. Maybe some other time. They're for light summer sweaters and have some really cute stitch patterns and neck lines. Shame I can never get those 50's patterns though as they never have big enough sizes in and I'm still a bit unsure about rescaling!

One final thing I should mention is that I got a dress for Louise's wedding in the Tesco sale. It was only £12. The same day, Andy bought me my birthday present, a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver! Hehe! Anyway, back to the dress. I have an awful mirror photo but you get the idea. I think I'll wear it with the straps though and I'm thinking about knitting up some kind of shrug, if I have the time. My plan was to do Ysolda's Cloud Bolero in Manos Silk Blend. Hmmm...not so sure though! Anyway, here is the dress in question:

Well, wish me luck for the interviews and I shall report back soon!