26 October 2008

Checking In...

...mainly to say that I'm still alive. I've been at work for 2 weeks now and really like it, although I wish I could get more stuck in! I've also found out an old school friend works at the hospital but I keep missing her! We've got a mortgage offer so we're just trying to get all the legal stuff done with the house...and keeping our fingers crossed that nothing will go wrong. I'm being pretty monogamous with my knitting right now as I just have the Bacchus socks on my needles. I still need to block the scarf for my Grandma and get my aunt's designed! In fact, I think I may have another look at it once I've finished writing this update! Not that there's much more to say. I've been picking out furniture for the house and thinking about what I want things to look like but I've also been pretty busy with work and wishing that Peanut hadn't decided that it was fun to wake me up at some silly time in the morning! It's making me a very sleepy person indeed!

19 October 2008

SoSeSaSwa Sock Survey

What's your favourite sock you have knitted? - I've not knitted a lot of socks so it's hard to choose! I think my Pomatomus are slightly ahead though
Fav sock designer/pattern? - I have too many favourites! I like Cookie A's, love Erqsome's (I must get knitting one of them sometime) and like a lot of stuff by people who design a lot for IW
Toe up or cuff down? - depends on the sock. I like toe up for getting the most out of the ball of yarn but I prefer heel flaps on cuff down.
Dpns? Magic loop? Two circs? - magic loop. I get ladders with dpns and I've never tried two circs
First sock? - pink socks in DK yarn using the Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula
Most difficult sock? - I don't really have one but I have a most difficult yarn! I have some Knit Picks Memories that has been knitted 3 times now. First was the standard Jaywalkers but I ran out of yarn. I frogged and tried the toe up version but messed up starting my gusset decreases so the foot was too long. Frogged again. Then I tried Leyburn socks but these fit funny and I reknit the heel about 3 times. I think I may try Monkey's with the yarn next! Bizarrely, I have realised that Artesano Hummingbird comes in the exact same colourway.

12 October 2008

Time For Some Real Domesticity

Wow...I'm back to my old habits of living forever between posts. Its not really been because I've been busy either; I've just not had a lot to say. I shall mention the last few weeks, although there's just not a lot to report. My friend's wedding was lovely (she probably managed to pick the nicest day weather-wise in September) and it was nice to catch up with some friends and get pretty tipsy on wine and champagne! I spent a lot of time chasing up stuff for my job as my pre-employment checks weren't complete by my original start date. That's all sorted now and I start full time tomorrow with my induction training (oh, the joy). So I've spent the last couple of weeks not really doing much. I've knitted a bit and am getting reasonably through the first of my Bacchus socks. I've also completed an urchin hat, although it seems a little big and I'm really not used to wearing that style of hat. I like it though and it's used up some yarn I've had lying around for ages. It was a super quick knit and made me feel a bit better about my stinking cold.

But I've saved the big news until last. Andy and I had an offer accepted on our first house! Finally, a chance of real domestic bliss! Ha! At least I can try and until we have the keys, I can plan my perfect little rooms and think about all the baking that will have to wait!

PS I am dead

PPS The most important news of all; I bought a new coat!