30 December 2008

In sickness and health...

Sorry about all the test posts. I've been playing around with different ways to update my blog, such as email and iGoogle so that I might be able to blog from work and when I'm away.

Not that I should be going anywhere apart from my bed. After having a stinking cold that kept me off work for 2 days before Christmas, I thought I'd be fine but on Boxing Day, I started loosing my voice. Then I started getting even worse stabbing, horrible pain in my jaw and teeth.

Although I'm getting my voice back, I still seem to be full of absolutely disgusting coloured snot and the pain in my teeth was so bad, I woke at 3.30am and the co-codamol has stopped working. So I phoned the dentist and got an emergency appointment. Not with my dentist though as he has gone AWOL. I've even dragged myself into work the last couple of days. But had to leave at lunch today to get to the dentist.

And it turns out that as well as needing a temporary filling for the crap back tooth that I've been ignoring for months, my sore throat (probably throat infection) has caused BOTH my lower wisdom teeth to get infected. The dentist was surprised, as both at the same time is rare, but she was sympathetic and gave me some antibiotics, so no seeing in the new year in style for me.

So now I'm coughing my guts up, praying I my infection isn't going to my chest and wondering why the hell I'm still planning on going to my grandmother's tomorrow. It's mainly because I haven't seen her since the wedding last year but I also want to see how much people like their scarves too. My other knitted Christmas gifts have gone done well as Andy loves the gloves (although they need a wash), mum liked her cuffs and Niki really liked her scarf so that made me happy.

I should probably talk about my stash and library enhancements and what's on the needles right now but I can barely type this and I should be trying to pack, although it'd be better if I leave it for the morning so that I might actually remember to pack what I need!

Testy Test Test Test

This is a test


29 December 2008


I'm just testing the iGoogle blogger posting gadget at work as normally I have my access blocked

24 December 2008

Christmas time

Well, the obligitory Christmas post is here. I've nearly done all the knitting, everything is prepped at my parents and I'm about to find some crap TV to go watch so I can finish said knitting. I will blog about stuff better, I'm sure. I still need to wrap everything though!

Anyway...I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and I'll hopefully get back to blogging properly soon!

13 December 2008

Bettie Page

Yes, this is my second post at stupid o'clock on a Saturday when I really need my sleep but I needed to post about the death of one of my idols, Bettie Page. The pinup queen died of a heart attack on Thursday, aged 85 and will be missed by so many people. Her work is iconic and will continue to please even after she is gone. RIP Bettie; you've inspired so many people, me included.

Ironic how I have my first pinup in forever today.


As promised, I'm giving you an update on my nice my trip to Barcelona was. Even though it's 7am on a Saturday morning, still pitch black outside and I feel very ill. And I've got a pinup photoshoot later. And shredded heels. It's not really going very well fo me so far. I will also apologise for any missing 'r's but the key on the keyboard is jammed and not working properly.

Anyway....I had a lovely time, despite the very early start on Friday morning. We were staying pretty central and also used the metro system so it was easy for us to get around. The city is beautiful and I recommend it to everyone. The buildings are gorgeous and the streets are so narrow and pretty.

I even managed to smuggle knitting onto the plane and got a reasonable amount done:

Monkeys, of course

Oh, and I bought yarn. And needles. From a lovely shop called All You Knit Is Love, run by a wonderful American woman and her partner.

It was so nice to be whisked away, especially to somewhere where I could walk around with no coat on during the day!

04 December 2008


Well, tomorrow is my 1st wedding anniversary and I'm off to Barcelona for the weekend!

I'll leave you with some soppy and I'll hopefully be back to blogging about my little holiday sometime next week.