13 February 2009

Ill Again

I can feel the throat starting to tickle, the mouth drying up and the horrible feeling that my wisdom teeth are going funny again.  I want to be curled up in bed rather than sat here at work but I've got tomorrow for that, hopefully.  Just 6 more hours and then I can be on my way!  At least I have some free time to stare at yarn and plan my stash.  I've got a few designs lurking around in my head...possibly even venturing into socks (oh, the shock, horror).  If only there were more hours in the day to knit!
I've also been thinking about my career.  Yes, I know I've only had my current job for 4 months but I think I want to eventually train to be a clinical scientist specialising in haematology.  So I'm thinking about job moves for the future to get experience and would love to work for the blood donor service.


Justine said...

Interesting job choice - I couldn't help but think of vampires! I give blood - I'm AB negative - and think that it's a very worthwhile thing to do.

Hope you feel better soon! Wisdom teeth can be such a nightmare.