07 February 2009

Snow, Cats and FOs

Well, our snow was pretty pathetic up here in Manchester! I was gutted to see how much everywhere else was getting as I couldn't even manage a day off to make a snowman here! My bus was actually early on Monday morning so proof that not all public transport systems go to pot when there's a couple of inches (and no, I'm not really getting at TFL. There was obviously loads more snow down in London and even less anticipation of that much snow). Here's a few photos of parks near me, my mum's plum tree and the cat going for a little walk out in the snow.

I've also been cooking more due to mum's arm (which is hopefully getting better but she's not got a hospital appointment for a few weeks) and I've been having fun making some different stuff. I make lovely enchilada's the other night and make pizza from scratch last weekend.

And I've still have plenty of knitting time! I've got two more finished objects to show off (that's 6 so far this year) and I've started on another couple. And I've got plans for things to make and try and design so that should keep me busy.

Firstly, I finished my Om Shanti bed socks, from the first Sock(topus) club parcel of the year. They're lovely and I enjoyed knitting them but I'm still unhappy with my attempts at the cast off suggested. But they're good bed socks in the sense that they're 1) squishy 2) very warm and 3) don't move on my feet!

They're made from Chameleon Colorworks Evolution in Peppermint Cheer, done toe up on my 2.75 and 3.25mm Knit Picks Options fixed circs, magic loop method. More info can be found on my Ravelry project page

For my next lot of commuter knitting, I cast on quelle erqsome's Masonic Lodge socks for Andy using the Matchmaker he bought in last Winter's JL sale! They're stripy as he thought he'd rather have matching socks.

I don't think I'm doing too bad for a few bus journey's worth of knitting.

Next up, was finishing my Swallowtail shawl. It's only taken me 6 weeks or so of off and on knitting and I'm very happy with it. It's currently blocking downstairs as I type.

And so I cast on the Lucky cardigan from Sitch n Bitch Nation. Bizarrely, I chose yarn in the Summer JL sale that's actually what it's "supposed" to be knit in. I'm kinda scared of the 4-ply yarn and the idea of seaming it all but I told myself that'll give me a chance to learn to seam properly so I can have a proper reason to avoid it! I'm about 25 rows into the back; I think this may be a long knit!

So, I'm off to bed, dragging myself away from knitting and Twitter and thinking about whether to watch Pushing Daisies before sleeping. I'm kinda hoping for another Dead Like Me reference. And if you've never seem either show, I definitely recommend them both. I also suggest you read Barack Obama's books. They are very well written and an interesting read.


elle-knitwear said...

Your shawl is amazing! Totally stunning... I must work more on mine! Its growing so slowly coz its cobweb... Who chooses cobweb yarn for their first lace?!

HeyYeah said...

I love your swallowtail. Great colour too. I havn't started my sockclub socks but yours will inspire me to get on with it!

erqsome said...

I love your Swallowtail -- the colour is amazing! And I'm so chuffed you're making the Masonic Lodge socks for Andy!! Awesome!