22 February 2009

Socks, Cardigans, Dentists and Big Brothers

It's been a very busy few weeks, what with the mortgage offer coming in, being very busy with work, looking after my mum, baking, knitting and just trying to stay on top on things, I've totally forgotten to blog. I've also managed to miss a week on Project 52, which sucks immensely.

Hope you like the new look for the blog. It's to go with my new moniker, Ava Laine, which, in turn, is to go with my new lot of modelling for Donovan's Darlings, which launches at the beginning of April. Hopefully I'll be getting more involved.

I'm not in work tomorrow as I have the dentist. I'm tempted just to tell him to pull out the dammed tooth is as I don't really fancy paying £198 to try and keep it. Hopefully, I will spend the rest of the day baking and knitting and enjoying myself, like today. I baked muffins, which was definitely fun and made dinner, with yummy chocolate pudding as my big brother was here too.

And my knitting has been progressive. The clover leaf cardigan is really coming along; most of the back is done now and it's not even my commuter knitting project. That was Andy's socks but I've finished the first one and have other things planned that have deadlines so I've had to put them on hold. Plus I have another Socktopus parcel coming soon enough.

And then there's the house planning. Hopefully it'll be ours soon.


erqsome said...

The new look is awesome! I love the banner. I'm so excited to see your Masonic Lodge socks, too!