20 March 2009

A Well Deserved Break...or sort of!

Today is my last day of work for a blissful 10 days! I had to take my holidays before April (how is it nearly April?!?!?) and now is a good time as Andy's off too and we can get house stuff done. I've just ordered a DIY book to help with that and we're closer to ordering the windows and it's coming together, at least a little bit now. I'm not panicing as much, at least. I have to say though, I haven't been to the house in a few days and seen the big hole in the side of it (the gable apex is being rebuilt).

But it's not all house...I'm off to London next weekend. So if you want to come to Andy's band's gig on the Saturday (it's in Camden), Socktopus on the Sunday or the Dream Evil/Kamalot gig on the Sunday, let me know. I want to see people! I'm also trying to find something to amuse myself with on the Friday evening. I shall be going shopping too and may try to get to iKnit at least (as well as Socktopus).

In other news, I'm sticking to one of my resolutions and have self-unmedicated and am now only taking one pill a day. And no pain killers! (the tooth has finally stopped being a pain, since I had it pulled out). Plus I've had the blood test for whether I can donate platelets. I've been a very busy bee!

Right, back to work....