06 April 2009

I Should Be Working...

...but I don't want to! The only thing I have to do is write a report on the course I went on last Wednesday and I really don't know what to write.

In other news...the time off was fun but exhausting and we'll still not really much further on with the house. Every time we clear out something or strip a wall, we find something that makes the place go from bad to worse. But I don't really want to talk about all of that!

Knitting is still busy. Andy's socks are done, my cardigan is coming along nicely, if a little slowly and I've started the March Socktopus parcel, although I will probably have to hibernate whilst I knit something for my friend for her birthday. Annoyingly, with being so busy with the house and having my own deadlines, I won't be submitting my sock pattern to anywhere for summer release but, hopefully, it'll be somewhere by the autumn, which seems forever away but it really isn't!

I've been at my job for nearly 6 months now and I'm very happy. In fact, it was weird having so many people tell me how much better I look now compared with 9 months ago. It was lovely being back in London, seeing people I've not seen in forever and even managing to get to a yarn store I'd never been to (well, two, but socktopus wasn't open when I left). Andy's gig went well enough in the sense that the band has a meeting with a label tomorrow (who happen to be a part of a very major label). I'm not holding my breath though as I know these things take time. The album is all done and as soon as it's being sold, I'll be pimping it out on here!

Now...I really should try and do some work!