06 June 2009

Appreciated Knits

I love receiving unexpected mail. Today, I got a card from Suzie. She's my mum's cousin's daughter and she had another baby back in December. I knit a hat and sent her the baby puke socks, in case they were of any use to her. Well, the thank you note is adorable:

It turns out the socks fit really well and her older son stole the hat! So I may have to send something this Xmas for them both, if I get the chance! I like knitting for little people and it was really nice to hear that the items are being appreciated by their mother!


Batty said...

I was looking for information on the heel on the Masonic Lodge socks, and I found your blog. Now that I've looked around a bit, I really like it!

It's great when hand-knits are appreciated. I'm a sucker for babies and toddlers in hand-knit clothes and accessories. Gild that lily!

Batty said...

I saw that several people had issues with the Masonic Lodge heel. If I follow the pattern as written and end up with 23 stitches like you did, it won't be the end of the world. 26 rows of heel, then ending up with 20 and picking up 14 seems like a fairly narrow gusset to me, so I'm thinking of knitting 30 rows of heel, trying to follow the heel turn instructions, then picking up 15-16 stitches. We'll see how it goes... I really like your stripy Masons!