30 June 2009

Yarn Enhancements

Sorry I've been so bad at posting lately.  I've just been busy and not really had much I wanted to share with the world.  My boss has just retired from work but there's a lot going on there and things aren't as stable for the working environment as I'd like.  And then there's the house that's moved on to a pretty much full renovation project now but is getting there very slowly.

But enough about that.  Knitting is going reasonably.  I am getting things done.  Not as quickly as I'm acquiring yarn though!  It's not my fault that loads of people are destashing and that Woolfest and the John Lewis sale were the same weekend!  Plus I went to Texere a while ago.  Plus I have a sock club.  So here's a round up of most of the yarn I've bought recently:

So, going from left to right from the top:

  1. Cherry Tree Hill in Peacock from Socktopus
  2. Shetland laceweight from a Ravelry destash
  3. Debbie Bliss Prima in teal from John Lewis (the Little Peacock cardigan from Knotions is calling out to me!)
  4. Debbie Bliss Pure Silk in plum from John Lewis
  5. Easy Knits Bamboo Mix in Starlight from Woolfest (socks for Andy)
  6. Knitwitches 100% Cashmere 3ply in Cranberry Rose from Woolfest (yum!)
  7. Knitwitches Seriously Gorgeous Swiss Silk/Baby Camel in Persian Green from Woolfest (double yum)
  8. KraftyKoala Damselfly Lace in Blackcurrant from Woolfest
  9. Meon Valley Mill Wool & Bamboo in a blue tweed from a Ravelry destash
  10. Sheepfold zipped coin purse kit from Woolfest
  11. Skeins BFL laceweight in a lilac colour from Woolfest
  12. The Yarn Yard Cashmere/merino/nylon in turquoise from Woolfest
  13. The Yarn Yard Toddy in Pillar Box Red from Socktoclub
  14. Texere Good Fortune Cotton in Petrol (Decimal and Drop Stitch vest in queue)
  15. Louisa Harding Kimono Angora from Texere (I also have this in a pink multicolour)
Too much yarn, not enough time to knit! At least I have plans for the sweater quantities (although I need to finish my Lucky clover cardigan first!)

I did have a very good, if not brief and sweaty time at Woolfest.  I met some lovely people and even travelled back some of the way with the brilliant girls of p/hop. I just wish I'd had more time.  Next year though!

Anyway...it is too hot and I am melting but need to try and get some sleep before work tomorrow.  Hopefully I might get better about updating.  I should try to remember to post pictures of the corset I'm picking up tomorrow!