24 July 2009

Not Enough Time

There's never enough hours in the day. As much as I love work, I do wish I could spend my hours on my knitting instead sometimes. I have a Ravelry queue bursting with project waiting to jump onto my needles, a stash bursting full of yarn that is begging to be knit, WIPs and hibernations lurking in my knitting bag and a head full of ideas that want to be designed and created. The last one is the worst for me as I long to get the items done and the patterns produced but at the same time don't want to neglect all the things I know I have a yarn and pattern combination ready for so all I have to do is knit to have something finished, ready to wear or give away. Oh how I long for the winter nights to snuggle up and spend my evenings knitting. It seems so much easier when it's not still light outside!


cherie... said...

aw...just take it outside with you!
hopefully see you this weekend honey - miss you xxx