12 July 2009

Pay It Forward

The other day, I came home after a long day at work feeling shattered and ready to have a nap. On the table were two parcels; I was expecting one (it was the copy of IWK Spring 2009 I'd bought) but the other was a mystery. I opened it up with anticipation and out popped a gorgeous pair of socks! It was my pay it forward gift from The Knit Nurse

They're Spring Forward in Lang Jawoll sock and fit very well.  

No one signed up for my PIF so I'm going to extend the offer.  You've got until the end of July to say you want to get involved.  I will knit a gift for the 1st 3 people who get involved within a year.  All I ask is that you are willing to do the same and post on your blog looking for 3 people to knit for.