21 July 2009

Plodding Along

I feel like my life is just plodding along right now. We're not much further with the house and my job is the same old (as much as I love it). I have too much routine that doesn't even involve getting out. I want to mix it up a little, get away for a little while, do something different.

We want to go away for a bit at the beginning of September but even then, we don't know what we want to do, where we want to go...all I want is to spend some time with Andy, relaxing, doing something a little different but it seems so hard to find somewhere we're happy to go and happy to spend the money on. Ideally, I want to go somewhere away from other people. I love seclusion, even though I'd never want to live in the middle of nowhere for long. But neither of us drive so even that is hard. Any ideas? I'd love a cottage somewhere or even the camping pods (just because I don't want to have to deal with carrying a tent around or the lack of security for multiple nights) Somewhere we can get to not too difficultly on public transport and won't cost us the earth for a few nights.


Deptford Dame said...

You'll be surprised at what kind of remoteness you can get to on a train, although it might take you a little longer. Why not think about somewhere in Snowdonia or the Lleyn Peninsula (train to Bangor and then bus onwards) or go northwards to Glasgow and then take one of the train lines towards the west coast (or even on to Mull or the Outer Hebrides if you have plenty of time!). And if you regard the journey as part of the holiday, it can be very enjoyable. Also, for accommodation I suggest you check out hostels (either YHA or independent) as a cheap alternative to a cottage, which may still be quite expensive at that time of year. Many hostels have small rooms for couples, some of them even en suite, so you will get your privacy. A lot of them also do evening meals at a reasonable price, if you don't feel like cooking.