18 August 2009


So, I ended up going to Bloodstock after all, even though I wasn't meant to be.  I won a pair of VIP tickets, X-Box 360 and Guitar Hero (not that I have them at the moment).  It was fun, Pythia were actually awesome for once and drinking and bitching with Lorna was excellent.  Everyone now actually realises I have anger issues.  And I am blunt...but why shouldn't I be? I'm not blunt enough unfortunately though as there's plenty of stuff I should say to people but then they really would spend all their time treating me like crap and not just some of it.   I do still need to complain to Travelodge though for the most miserable, horrible place I've ever stayed (well, apart from some horrible motels in the USA).  And the Little Chef was depressing too.

On the knitting front, I have finished Clover and started Liesl!  Yay!