20 October 2009

My New Phone

So, I've got a new phone, the Palm Pre to be exact. I may blog more on the subject soon but it is time for bed and I am still ill. Back at work but still not brilliant.  Plus I want to wait to give you my full opinion as I'm having teething problems that should be sorted soon. Hopefully!

I also have other exciting news but I can't talk about it yet. Sorry.

Goodnight for now

PS If you're interested, my number's not changing but, for the moment, is on my old phone.


Batty said...

I bought a Blackberry-style phone a couple of weeks ago and like it. It's not a Blackberry (I didn't like the little track ball, it doesn't respond if you have sweaty hands in the summer), and it has a Windows operating system, so I can write apps for it if I feel like it. So far, so happy.