30 October 2009


All I seem to do right now is spend money. Granted, most of that is on the house, so it's not all that bad but it just seems to be a common theme. The house is actually moving on quite well at the moment, as we should have the plastering finished by next week and we're ordering kitchens and appliances soon. We still need to organise a boiler to be fitted and sort out the bathroom, plus buy tiles and decorate. The floors in the bathroom, hall and kitchen all need sanding and then we have lots of decorating to do. And instead of the money trickling away like it has been, it's going to disappear very quickly. But it needs to be done so we can try and get the house remotely finished. It's pretty scary really and I think we're going to be waiting a while to get it fully finished but at least it feels like it's getting somewhere now. Our biggest problem is the front windows though. We still don't know what to do about them. We had the back ones repleaced with uPVC and we were thinking of trying to repair the front ones as they are wooden frames but one of them is very badly damaged and I've been thinking that it'd be easier to get them replaced but the cost involved is going to be pretty scary, I think and I'm not sure about uPVC on the front. Off to look for more places to quote!