08 November 2009

Too Much

I have too much going on and not enough hours in the day. I'm currently sat in London as there's a Pythia gig tonight. I've got lots of writing to do. I'm reviewing lots for Bubblegum Slut, including a feature piece. Plus I'm writing for a new magazine called Metal Sanctuary. I'm trying to chase up people for reviewing gigs as I don't have my old contacts any more and that's a bit of a pain. And of course I have patterns to design and write up. And all the knitting!

Yesterday was a good day as I went to the Manchester Yarn Collective's 1st yarn day where I managed to get stuff for my swap partner and perhaps a gorgeous skein of yarn for myself (shhh, don't tell anyone). Definitely worth dragging myself out on a Saturday for.

I still have stuff to take photos of plus my phone to talk about (I'm on it right now) but I must go and get on with some writing.