19 January 2009

Snowing Feathers

I'm currently sat at work, wondering what to do and thinking that the snow falling outside looks a lot like feathers.  Shame it seems to be slowing down again now though. 

14 January 2009

I'm Such a Copy Cat

Well, everyone else has done it!

I could survive for 1 minute, 16 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

07 January 2009

Promotion...with a competition

It's not mine, sadly, but Justine has a new blog and she's running a competition. To enter, you need to post a comment on this entry about your favourite literary character. If you do, could you mention that I sent you over there please? And promote her blog too! Justine's such an interesting person and I've missed her and really missed trying to catch up with her life via her blog so it's good to see something new from her. And whilst you check her out, there's also her knitting podcast (with Sally) called Miss Flip Knits. And check out the other blogs on the links on the right hand side of my blog. It's not a complete list of what I read but some of my favourites are there (you do NOT want to see the state of my Newsfire RSS reader; there are way too many blogs on there!)

05 January 2009

A Recap and Some Resolutions

Well, I'm still ill. The doctor thinks it's viral and has prescribed bed rest, fluids and paracetamol. That's easier said than done when I really miss going to work. I'm still waiting to go back to the dentist at 4pm. The stabbing pain that was making me cry like a bitch the other day has subdued to a constant dull throb that I have no idea where it's coming from.

Anyway...on to much more important things. Like Christmas presents, FOs and stash enhancements!

I didn't get a lot of presents on the knitting front (namely Knitting Vintage Socks from mum, which I squee-ed a little when I opened it) but I've also recently acquired Favorite Socks and One Skein. I also picked up some yarn in the sales including Rowan 4-ply Soft and some of Laura's gorgeous sock yarn.

On a non-knitting front, I got some other great Christmas presents including some great books, chocolates, vouchers that have been promptly spent on silk underwear and the usual silly stuff. Andy got a couple of cook books too so that should be fun.

But back to the knitting, as this blog is supposed to be about domestic successes! 2008 seems to have been a good year for my knitting. Including my dyeing, I have 34 FOs (well, 33 officially as the Monkey's were finished on 1st). And I've given away about 3/4 of them! I've knitted more this year than I have the previous 2 put together and I hope to continue as strongly.

I've even already got a FO for this year (a dishcloth) and have begun to think about next Christmas. It's kind of worrying! I'm also making good progress on my Swallowtail, which I'm knitting with the yarn I dyed oh so long ago.

Anyway....as I said, I'm going to make some resolutions. Or aims at least. I'm not normally great at keeping them but I'll give it a shot:

- Complete all the socks from the Socktopus club: this shouldn't be too bad as my last socks only took a month. I want my badges too much to mess it up too!

- Get to Complete Knitters at least once a fortnight: another not too difficult one, as long as I can remain sociable!

- Not compulsively buy yarn: I need to reduce my stash, which isn't impossible if I actually don't buy too much more. There is an exception for yarn in the sales and yarn I need desperately for an actual planned project.

- Make more presents for people: either knitting, baking, cooking or otherwise. I've even got a plan for my Christmas cards

- Do more cross stitch: I really enjoy it! And I want to make some more of the Subversive Cross Stitch designs for the house

- Get off my meds: I hate them. Enough said.

- Take better photos: should be easier once the days get longer again and now I actually have a book to point me in the right direction

There's plenty more I can think of but I don't want to bog myself down too much. These are just there to remind me what I said I'd do.

In other musings; I'm not sure what to make of the new Doctor. Is he too young? Who's his companion going to be? Is that hair going to get a little less daft? I'm sure it will all be answered in 2010. Meanwhile, I look forward to the next 4 Tennant specials and my TARDIS pen pot!

03 January 2009

Pain in the...tooth?

I now seem to still be in agony because of my teeth and am waiting here with my family for a call back from NHS 24. Yes, it's 12.30am and I'm also stuck in Scotland away from my own dental services. I'm really not sure what's going to happen but the painkillers that were barely helping seem to have entirely worn off again.
The only thing I know is that I'll be trying to see the doctor and dentist on Monday as I really think I've worn myself into the ground somehow and feel like the suspected throat infection is moving down to my chest. Oh the joy.
I promise to keep you all updated on the fun that are my awful teeth!

01 January 2009

Happy New Year

I hope everyone has a happy 2009. In theory, I should be buying a house, getting my wisdom teeth removed and hopefully knitting lots. I'm assuming most people are having a less painful, more exciting night than me. As I'm currently feeling very sorry for myself (and writing this via email on my mobile), I'll keep my proper resolution filled post for another day.

All the best for 2009!