31 July 2009

Busy, Busy...

...but not so much at work! I've had a relatively quiet week, surprisingly. It's all going to get a little mental next week and then I'm off for a few days. Not much planned; taking the cat to the vet, seeing Harry Potter and I've got a photoshoot booked but hopefully I'll get some time to relax too.

This weekend is pretty busy though; I'm off to London for my friends house party and I'm going to try and see the Loumms girls at the Urban Village Fete and I'm hoping to see Cakemix and the other iKnit folk gritting the tunnel. But I'm not sure wheat Sunday holds in store. Anyone fancy brunch with me? Or suggest something for me to do for a few hours before I meet Andy after his Pythia rehearsal.

And then there's the planning to be done for the vaguely proper September holiday. Still no idea where to go or what to do. And I'll probably just spend the entire time trying to finish the slowest socks in the world for me dad's 60th! Must get to Sheffield and see Justine though!

24 July 2009

Not Enough Time

There's never enough hours in the day. As much as I love work, I do wish I could spend my hours on my knitting instead sometimes. I have a Ravelry queue bursting with project waiting to jump onto my needles, a stash bursting full of yarn that is begging to be knit, WIPs and hibernations lurking in my knitting bag and a head full of ideas that want to be designed and created. The last one is the worst for me as I long to get the items done and the patterns produced but at the same time don't want to neglect all the things I know I have a yarn and pattern combination ready for so all I have to do is knit to have something finished, ready to wear or give away. Oh how I long for the winter nights to snuggle up and spend my evenings knitting. It seems so much easier when it's not still light outside!

21 July 2009

Plodding Along

I feel like my life is just plodding along right now. We're not much further with the house and my job is the same old (as much as I love it). I have too much routine that doesn't even involve getting out. I want to mix it up a little, get away for a little while, do something different.

We want to go away for a bit at the beginning of September but even then, we don't know what we want to do, where we want to go...all I want is to spend some time with Andy, relaxing, doing something a little different but it seems so hard to find somewhere we're happy to go and happy to spend the money on. Ideally, I want to go somewhere away from other people. I love seclusion, even though I'd never want to live in the middle of nowhere for long. But neither of us drive so even that is hard. Any ideas? I'd love a cottage somewhere or even the camping pods (just because I don't want to have to deal with carrying a tent around or the lack of security for multiple nights) Somewhere we can get to not too difficultly on public transport and won't cost us the earth for a few nights.

12 July 2009

The DDs

I'm a Donovan's Darling!  Check out the site...


I've realised recently that I have several obsessions.  Obviously, there are some I worked out a long time ago (yarn, yarn, yarn and yarn...oh, and maybe knitting with the yarn) and there are some that have eased a little (stockings, corsets, underwear...well, they've eased a little) but there are one's that have definitely been there a while, just quietly, without me realising.  Some women have shoes and bags (I have a lot but I don't think I'm obsessive...well, maybe a little) but I have cardigans and shawls.  

Shawls are something that I love the look of and I enjoy the concept of knitting them, I just don't ever seem to get round to it.  I've got a pretty reasonable selection of laceweight and 4 ply yarn that I want to knit into various shawls and shawlettes but it just never happens.  I will try and get on to knitting some of them when I've got time to start another 'big' project.  I've got a few in mind and lots of inspiration.

Cardigans are where my biggest obsession lies though.  I'm not even just talking about handknitted ones.  Or patterns for ones.  I adore looking at cardigans in shops, mentally pulling them apart and making a decision whether they're worth the money for the yarn content, construction etc.  If I don't think I could make it, I'll probably buy it.  And then there's all the cardigans I lust to knit.  There's at least 3 in Spring 2009 IWK alone, never mind the endless free patterns from Knitty, Knotions etc.  I love the things.  I love wearing them, I love looking at them and I love to own them.  I like jumpers but cardigans are much more useful for me.  Easy to take off and throw on, they can be like a jacket in late Spring or early Autumn, or can be layered in Winter...much better for the silly varying weather of the UK.  

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to realise how much I love the cardigan...looking at my full wardrobe would make it seem very obvious.  Although, looking at my knitting, you wouldn't think at much.  I'm still knitting the Lucky Clover.  I'm onto the second sleeve.  It's not even a complicated pattern, once you get your head round it.  I just think I'm being slowed by the thought that even once I get the knitting finished, I still won't be able to wear it.  I've got to block the pieces and seam them together and the concept is daunting to say the least.  But at least when I'm done, I could think about knitting the other 2 cardigans I have the yarn for!

PS On a final note about obsession, I think I've realised that I am a tad obsessed by Doctor Who/Torchwood.  I know too much trivia about the shows and I get way too upset/annoyed when there are plot twists that don't go the way I want them to.  I should probably get out more and find myself a life!

Pay It Forward

The other day, I came home after a long day at work feeling shattered and ready to have a nap. On the table were two parcels; I was expecting one (it was the copy of IWK Spring 2009 I'd bought) but the other was a mystery. I opened it up with anticipation and out popped a gorgeous pair of socks! It was my pay it forward gift from The Knit Nurse

They're Spring Forward in Lang Jawoll sock and fit very well.  

No one signed up for my PIF so I'm going to extend the offer.  You've got until the end of July to say you want to get involved.  I will knit a gift for the 1st 3 people who get involved within a year.  All I ask is that you are willing to do the same and post on your blog looking for 3 people to knit for.